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This effort comes at a time when we are experiencing an unprecedented sense of unity and drive to support our most vulnerable compatriots. Founded by a group of dedicated professionals, FOR AZERBAIJAN strives to channel its donors’ energy and resources towards the most vulnerable Azerbaijanis in an impactful, scalable, and transparent way. In doing this, we also aim to set the standard, inspire, and promote charity culture in Azerbaijan.

For Azerbaijan is a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) public charity.



Functions transparently and accounts for every dollar


Supports projects where the money will do the most good


Maintains a core donor group with long-term commitments.


Operates with a growth mindset and is driven by technology


Honorary Founding Members

A group of 50 professionals around the world conceived the idea and established the organization, committing the financial resources required for the launch. Founding members help keep the organization liquid and facilitate our interaction with the general public. Founding membership is a concept demonstrating that FA is a participatory and sustainable effort that connects a credible group of Azerbaijani professionals, united For Azerbaijan! Click here


The organization is steered and overseen by the Board. The Board decides strategy and has the power to appoint and dismiss the officers of the organization, approve reports required by the statute of a non-profit organization, adopt the Articles of Incorporation and changes to it. The Board is composed of 9 members without remuneration or other material benefits and is renewed every three years based on staggered rotations. Click here

Executive team

The management team, overseen by the Board, is currently composed of a CEO, a CFO, and a lawyer on a pro-bono basis. This may change once requirements for conducting FA’s business demand a full-time effort. Once the Board establishes a local representative office in Baku, Azerbaijan it will recruit a salaried full-time local manager who will have a nimble full-time team managing FA’s work on the ground, while rallying volunteers in Azerbaijan. Click here


In conducting its operations, FA upholds the highest standards of transparency and accountability. It leverages digital technologies to minimize overheads and maximize impact. FA programs its activities based on projected financial contributions. Financial resources committed by the Founding Members provide for uninterrupted conduct of business for the first 3 years. This backstop will allow for donations from a wider group of patrons and targeted fundraising campaigns to flow directly to impact projects with minimal overhead. Operations will be implemented where they are needed the most and guided by the principles of transparency, impact, sustainability, and scalability.

As a commitment to TRANSPARENCY FA operations will be cash-free. Assistance will be delivered digitally through the banking system and will be fully traceable and verifiable via a digital platform. We will establish a robust monitoring and tracking system to report on the impact.

To achieve the highest IMPACT, FA adopts a three-pillar framework: Help Recovery, Make Ends Meet, and Embrace the Future. Focusing initially on those most impacted by the conflict, violence, natural disasters, or extreme poverty, we next help address their recent misfortunes, support them in their everyday lives, and finally, help the youngest members of the community walk into the future on a strong footing.


Our ultimate objective is to leave no one behind. Hence, our projects will be designed to be SCALABLE, as more sponsors join the movement.

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