“FOR AZERBAIJAN” (FA) – a newly formed nonprofit organization, aims to unite Azerbaijanis around the world to support the most vulnerable in Azerbaijan.

  • “For Azerbaijan” has been created by a group of Azerbaijani professionals around the world to support the most vulnerable in Azerbaijan;
  • The organization aims to create an infrastructure for a sustainable philanthropic culture;
  • “For Azerbaijan’s operations will be underpinned by a cash-free, digital, and fully traceable infrastructure and will be guided by four key principles: transparent, scalable, impactful, and sustainable.

BAKU, AZERBAIJAN – December 28, 2020 – Today a new nonprofit organization, “For Azerbaijan”, has announced its launch. Founded with a sole focus on philanthropic impact, the organization aims to support the most vulnerable people in Azerbaijan by harnessing the philanthropy of Azerbaijanis and communities all over the world.

The idea of the organization was conceived by a group of Azerbaijani professionals committed to creating an exemplary, best-in-class philanthropic organization dedicated to helping the people of Azerbaijan in the most sustainable and transparent way. The movement has a bold vision to create an impactful organization and the necessary infrastructure to enable caring people to give seamlessly and leave their mark from wherever they are. The group of founding members will provide the funding required for the initial 2 years to establish “For Azerbaijan”, to make sure it has a foundation to grow into a sustainable operation. FA programs are designed to be funded by the charitable contributions of a larger global community with minimal overhead costs.

To ensure transparency and scalability, FA operations will be underpinned by a cash-free, digital, fully traceable and verifiable infrastructure. FA’s strategic and operational framework is based on three pillars: help recover, make ends meet, and embrace the future. Within these pillars, specific projects will help those most impacted by conflicts, violence, natural disasters, or extreme poverty. This three-pillar approach will ensure support to the members of the community facing the greatest difficulties and help them recover and walk into the future on a strong footing.

The organization will be actively fundraising in multiple locations globally. Each FA program will have a strict set of evaluation criteria to select people who are in most need. Some of the programs will have mentoring or matching features, so donors can directly interact with recipients. “Our projects will be designed to be scalable, as more sponsors join the initiative”, Ulviyya Hasanzade, the spokesperson for a new organization says. The organization will also partner with other philanthropic organizations and public agencies to deliver its programs on the ground efficiently.

“For Azerbaijan” has committed itself to full transparency and high standards for governance and accountability.

“It is essential to create a reliable, trusted, and capable organization that could channel our help towards those in need through a transparent and impactful program. This was the idea we started with.”, Ulviyya Hasanzade ” says.

Following the launch, interested parties can join the initiative either by becoming a donor or volunteer. For more information, please visit: https://forazerbaijan.org/


About “For Azerbaijan”: “For Azerbaijan” is a U.S. based nonprofit organization, founded by a group of Azerbaijani professionals with diverse careers from all over the world. This organization aims to harness the philanthropy and care of Azerbaijanis and communities around the world to provide humanitarian relief to the most vulnerable people in Azerbaijan in an impactful, transparent, scalable, and sustainable way.

For more information, please contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1(703) 783 7113