This is our collective effort to give back to the children of our fallen heroes by celebrating them this summer. The camp is a 14-day journey taking all of us to a happier and brighter place. This is more than a summer camp!


Housed on a school campus in Shuvelan, Winner’s Camp 2021 will serve as a home for 78 children – 40 boys and 38 girls – for two weeks. Coming from 27 different towns across Azerbaijan and aged between 14-15, most of the children will be exposed to the thrill of an overnight camp experience for the first time. For many this will be their first visit to the nation’s capital, Baku.


Putting together and running an overnight camp is not an easy task. It requires a great deal of planning and preparation. This project has been possible thanks to the efforts and generosity of over 25 public and private institutions. We are thankful to every one of them, and above all to our volunteers, who will collectively devote over 10,000 hours to this cause. Over 40 trained volunteers will be working round the clock, when camp is in session, to take care of our children’s needs.

The children will be split up in 7 groups, allowing them to learn, explore, bond, and have fun together. They will have an opportunity to meet and engage with role models from various fields and backgrounds, explore Baku’s history and culture, travel, participate in competitions, work on teams, while also learning important life skills. All usual fun summer camp activities, including fireside chats, bbq, evening shows, concerts, sports, and more are included in the agenda.

Winners’ Camp 2021! is a …

Safe… everyone at the campsite will be tested for COVID-19 and strict containment protocols will be in place
Secure… 24 hour security personnel will be on duty; surveillance cameras will operate around the perimeter
Clean… bed linens and clothes will be washed twice a week; cleaning personnel will be on site throughout the day
Healthy… medical personnel and a full-time psychologist and ambulance will always be on standby
Nutritious… 3 full course meals will be provided every day, with stringent quality control ensuring the food is of the highest quality and safe

A place to…

Have fun…
                  Make friends…
                        Create memories…


Simply because these children deserve better. This is the least our community can do. We are fully invested to use this summer camp as an opportunity to build our children’s self-esteem and instill in them a sense of community, and belonging. This is about offering them an opportunity to forge strong friendships, create life-long memories, grow more independent, get inspired and motivate each other. Most of all, we want these children to feel that as a nation we are there for them.

What’s next?

The future of these children is a moral compass for our society.

This camp is just a step in a long journey. It is a glimpse of what we can do for these children if we all come together. And this we shall do as a society, because the future of these children is a moral compass for our society. Join and support us in this noble journey that just starts here with all of us. It is a program that will nurture the whole child and offer space for peer connection and summer learning, while also providing a stepping stone to a brighter future.



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